How to Stop a Receding Hairline?

How to stop receding hairline with hair transplantAlthough hair loss can affect everyone, it’s mostly men that experience it first. If you’ve recently noticed that your hair is falling out, it may be time to find out why.

A variety of health factors including bad diet, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, Thyroid disease, medical treatments, autoimmune diseases can cause hair loss, but receding hairlines are mostly genetic.

In as much as 95% of the cases, it’s a genetic sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that triggers hair loss in men.

How Do You Know if Your Hairline is Receding?

As men mature, there is a process during which their hairline also matures. This process usually unfolds between the ages 17 to 27, and the hairline recedes with about 1-1.5 cm.

This is different from a receding hairline caused by pattern baldness, which usually appears between the ages 25-35 and it’s characterised by hair loss of more than 1.5 cm at the crown or front of the hair.

A good way to tell if you have a receding hairline because of male pattern baldness is to look at your photos from a few years back and compare them to photos of you today.

If the difference in your hairline is significant, you’re dealing with pattern baldness and not a maturing hairline.

Can You Fix a Receding Hairline?

If you’re worried about your hair loss, the best thing you can do is opt for a general medical check-up to see if there is any underlying health condition that may be causing it.

Sometimes simple changes like having a more balanced diet, quitting smoking, managing stress, and paying more attention to hair care can fix a receding hairline problem.

Other times – and especially when hair loss is caused by a genetic predisposition – dietary changes and other such measures may not be enough.

You may slow down the progression of hereditary baldness with topical hair loss products (e.g. Rogaine) or even stimulate hair growth with hair loss medication (e.g. Minoxidil, Finasteride), but even these may not work for some.

Is Hair Transplant a Good Fix for a Receding Hairline?

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical treatment for receding hairline. It’s the only lasting solution to hair loss and it’s used to repopulate balding areas of the scalp with hair follicles harvested from areas with denser hair (usually the back of the head).

Hair transplant clinics in Budapest are leaders in restoring receding hairlines, offering treatment at costs that are significantly lower compared to other parts of Europe.

As European leaders in hair transplant surgeries, hair clinics in Budapest are a safe and reliable alternative to costly procedures offered by UK or Irish hair clinics.

Final Thoughts on Hair Restoration

Whenever you’re dealing with significant hair loss, it’s important to consult a specialist that can help get to the root of the problem and offer a suitable treatment.

When it comes to hair transplant, it’s especially important to consult a hair specialist early on, because hair transplant can be carried out only while there’s still enough hair in the donor area.

Therefore, if your hairline is receding don’t postpone a visit to your doctor or hair specialist!