How hair transplant procedure works

How FUE hair transplant works?During hair transplant procedures, surgeons use local anesthesia, so patients have a pain- free experience. Such an intervention does not have to be a painful experience requiring extended recovery time. It is actually an easy process that will have you looking and feeling fantastic in no time.

You are greeted by a friendly coordinatior or assistant in the morning of the operation, and you have to sign and fill out some forms and documents.  While you do this the team will prepare for your procedure. Pre-operative instructions will be gone over and you will have a quick consultation with the surgeon. At this point you will receive a sedative.

The procedure begins with injections containing local anesthesia (lidocaine). After the medication takes effect the procedure begins. The grafts are removed before the lunch.  Follicular units are cleaned and counted by our assistants.

If you need a little pause, just tell it to the assistants! During the harvesting you lie on your belly, but when we implant the hairs, you can sit and watch a movie. Before the implantation, your surgeon draws the new hairline, thus you can see the future result and ask for corrections if needed.

FUE method to treat hair loss

The FUE method is a state of the art hair transplant procedure. The grafts are taken from the donor area and implanted into the scalp by highly trained specialists, one by one.  There are absolutely no scars; no pain and recovery time is very fast. It is the single most advanced procedure available, and it is quite possibly the most beneficial as well.

This method provides the most natural appearance. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It offers the most natural-looking results with the fastest recovery time.

Donor sites is usually on the back of the head, or may be on the sides if needed. This is an especially good method for someone with a lack of available side head hair to use as the donor site, as some clinics may use body hair as grafts.

Where strip surgery will leave linear scars, the FUE method will not. The only disadvantage reported is the increased time needed for the procedure. Patients have 1 or 2 days of intervention.