Hormones and hair loss

Before we get on to learn about hormone and hair loss, there’s something you must know. Hair fall may have several different reasons for it –right from irritating local agents like certain chemicals in hair regrowth shampoo to improper diet contributing in under-nourishment of the hair root making the hair thinner and weaker prone to fall. Also, health ailments that affect the skin and hair can also invite baldness in men.

Certain modern medicines do have side effects of hair fall (for instance chemotherapy for treating various cancers). Hormone and hair loss got a connection here too; natural hormonal changes like pregnancy or menopause are two of the most common reasons for hair fall in females.

How Exactly Hormones Influence Hair Fall?

If you wonder that how hair fall and hormones are interrelated, you would be surprise that the answer for this is everything! Said this, hormones are the ones that control hair growth, repair and breakdown. The link between hormones and hair loss is quite well understood by health experts and trichologists. When the hormones are malfunctioning, the hairs are often the first bodies to suffer from, reflecting some health ailments.

Unfortunately, there are very few people who realize that hair loss is due to hormonal imbalance or insufficiency. In fact, hair fall is often considered as signs of hormonal deficiency or imbalance that needs utter attention. In addition, there are many people that assume hair fall problem as superficial and not so deep, which in hormones and hair fall case is wrong!

Hair loss due to hormones

Although men are also seen suffering from hair fall due to hormonal imbalances, they are the women most often seen with hair fall because of hormonal changes. Quite frequently noticed are the reasons for hormonal imbalance resulting in hair fall include puberty (adolescence), thyroid hormonal imbalance in adult/middle aged woman and the phase of menopause. Also, condition like diabetes mellitus where there is imbalance and insufficiency of hormone insulin contribute in fall of the hair frequently as compared to healthy individual.

Women also happen to be the gender more prone to face problems with hormones and hair loss as they undergo events such as pregnancies and menopause. Also birth control pills, hormonal replacement therapies and the like medication make them prone to face hair loss.

All-in-all, it should be discussed with family doctor or any health care provider to who the sufferer is dealing with. The treatment for imbalance of hormones and hair loss can be specific to the cause. For instance, controlling the thyroid hormone may prevent hair from losing. Nevertheless, any person with problem of baldness or alopecia must think about hormones and hair loss as one of the main reasons.