Female hair loss

Is there only one female hair loss cause? The answer, straightforward, is a BIG NO! Hormonal imbalance is considered to be one of the most commonly seen reasons for hair fall, especially in females. This is because females do undergo various events that are tagged with ‘hormone imbalance’ –for instance, pregnancy, diabetes mellitus, hormonal pills (such as birth control pills) and the like. All of such bodily changes affect female hormone levels. And that is why; hormonal imbalance or insufficiency could be the major female hair loss cause.

Causes For Female Hair Fall

Any bodily changes in female that directly or indirectly affect the hormones may contribute in hair fall. And they not only result in problem of hair fall in women, but also hinder the hair growing cycle. Maybe, certain cause for female hair loss may end up in losing hair on scalp but getting unwanted body hairs. This might happen due to an imbalance between the estrogen and testosterone (better known as the male hormone).

In reality, woman’s body has both of these hormones, and even a bit of up-down cause imbalance resulting into male like physical characters that may ultimately become the female hair loss cause (male pattern baldness) but on the other hand, development of facial and body hair.

Changes that occur during menopause, pregnancy, thyroid malfunctioning, therapy of contraceptive pills and the like can very well contribute in female hair loss cause. That is why, hormonal imbalance is considered to be one of the primary causative factors in case with hair loss. Confirmation of hormonal imbalance can be done through simple tests as prescribed by concerned health care provider.

The treatment for this type of cause for female hair fall includes hormonal replacement therapy. Luckily, there are some natural therapies available that help in preventing the hair fall. For example, an Ayurvedic herb called bhringraja (Eclipta alba) is quite known for its hair-growing and maintaining properties. One can use this herb as internal supplement and can also use it externally (in the form of oil, shampoo or gel). However, female hair fall purely due to hormone insufficiency is less likely to respond through such therapy.

Other Important Factors For Female Hair Loss

Some other factors that may contribute in female hair fall cause include improper diet (under nourishment), distress, and certain health diseases. Also, unhygienic condition and over dried skin may result in hair fall in females. Sudden change in bathwater (bathing with hard water for instance) may cause hair loss in individual.

Nevertheless, according to health experts and trichologists, falling of 100 hairs a day is quite physiological and hence, one should bear with it. One should think about the female hair loss cause only when falling of hairs go beyond that figure.