Thinning hair remedy

Before we start learning about thinning hair remedy, we must understand the structure and cycle of the healthy hair. Let us quickly look at three phases through which, every healthy human hair would pass through…

Thinning Hair Remedy And Hair Growing Phases

Healthy human hair would first undergo Anagen Phase, which is also known as Growth Phase. Here, the hair would simply grow without any difficulties. The next phase is Catagen Phase, also called as Transitional Phase wherein the lower part of the hair is spifflicated and the dermal papilla prepares for the next phase. The final phase is Telogen Phase or the Resting Phase wherein the hair stops growing but remains attached to the follicle. Typically, thinning hair remedy would target the phase of breaking down and would prolong it as much as possible.

What are the ingredients?

Thinning hair remedy may come in several forms. Hair regrowth shampoo, hair growth medicine, capsules and baldness conditioners or simply alopecia (hair) oil. The ingredients depend upon the product; for instance, thinning hair remedy which is herbal may contain natural herbs as main ingredients. Herbs such as bhringaraja, amala (Indian gooseberry), brahmi, aloe (kumara) etc. have been described as ‘herbs with hair growing’ properties. On the other hand, synthetic or chemical based hair fall shampoos and pills may contain hormones to treat female hair loss due to hormones. Example for this would go –thyroxin hormone pills to control the thyroid hormone insufficiency in females and males. Likewise, diabetes mellitus would be treated with external insulin hormone injections.

Why Is Thinning Hair Remedy Required?

The indication of hair fall is thinning of the hair. For most of the cases, thinning of the hair is an alarm of hair loss in future and hence, one has to be cautious noticing it. Thinning of hair is quite noticeable as touching and feeling the hair while combing or shampooing makes it realized to the self. Once it is confirmed, thinning hair remedy is to be started in no-time before it gets irreversible. One should contact concerned health care provider for thinning hair remedy and should opt for the best therapy available and advised by physician.

The purpose of using them

The main purpose of thinning hair remedy is to nourish the hair root and make its shaft/body thicker so that they are not uprooted. Generally, before falling, the hair becomes thinner and hence, it is a notification to the owner to do something urgent about it. This is the time to get alert for the one experiencing the event and should go search for effective hair falling treatment on internet or simply contact concerned health care provider. Thinning hair remedy typically nourishes the hair root and makes them stronger to prevent the hair fall.