Rogaine for hairloss to promote hair growth

Rogaine Foam is described as a new and advanced hair loss treatment formula that has passed the stringent standards for safety and efficacy by the FDA. Results of clinical trials show that it can deliver the desired outcomes in some 85 percent of people that use the product.

The hair growth treatment regimen offered by Rogaine is good for 3 months of continued use and this translates to a $19 treatment cost per month.

Rogaine – A Brief Description

The ‘new’ Rogaine is not the same as the Rogaine used by our dads. The original Rogaine hair loss formula is in liquid form and has long been known to provide sub-par results. Specifically, it only had a success rate of about 64 percent and there is also the issue of extended time required for the drying of the treatment solution. The use of the original Rogaine has also been known to trigger varying degrees of discomfort and scalp irritation.

On the other hand, the new and more advanced Rogaine formula, which was officially introduced in 2008, has been able to address all these issues. Aside from the high success rate, there have been no reports of irritation as well adverse reactions with the continued use of Rogaine.

Important Reminder

There is also another important point that we need to consider when choosing this solution for the treatment of hair loss. Notwithstanding the disclaimer in the product insert, it should be noted that Rogaine is also effective in treating hair recession, hair thinning and frontal hair loss.

Known Side Effects

There are no documented adverse reactions or side effects of Rogaine during clinical trials.