Minoxidil to promote hair growth

Follicare Minoxidil easily delivers better results than most of the other treatments for hair loss in the market today. Another great thing about this hair growth treatment option is the fact that optimum results are normally obtained in as little as a couple months. The Extra Strength formula variant of the hair loss treatment – Minoxidil 5 – is indicated for general hair thinning affecting the top portion of the men’s scalp. This hair loss treatment should not be used for hair loss problems involving receding hairline or frontal baldness.

Minoxidil – A Brief Description

Kirkland Minoxidil contains 5 percent Minoxidil in propylene glycol and alcohol solution. It is applied topically and requires gentle rubbing of the affected part of the scalp to obtain optimum results. This is a practical alternative to other Minoxidil brands such as Rogaine, which is quite expensive.

The main reason for choosing Kirkland minox over the other Minoxidil brands in the market is the price. You can get the 3-pack variant of 60-ml bottles of the Minoxidil for just $15. Results of our assessment and review of the products show that it is a good choice when considering the hair loss treatment option that offers the best value. We are highly recommending Kirkland Minoxidil as a regular treatment or as part of an ongoing treatment regimen for hair loss.

Using Minoxidil in Treating Hair Loss

The progressive loss of hair is disrupted with the use of Minoxidil and it also promotes the growth of new hair follicles. Minoxidil has been observed to provide the best results in cases where the shedding of hair has occurred for just a short span of time. The reason for this is that such condition is characterized by the presence of hair follicles that have been in their dormant phase for just a short period of time.

It should be stressed that this treatment option only works in conditions where it is the top portion of the male scalp that is affected by hair loss. Minoxidil works by inducing the enlargement of the hair follicles and this process helps dormant follicles to start producing new hair all over again.

During the initial weeks of treatment, you will observe the increase in the shedding of hair and this is mainly due to the enlargement of the hair follicles. Thus, the thinner and older strands of hair tend to fall off and these will eventually be replaced by new ones that are thicker. While this hair treatment loss is known for delivering fast results, it is not a hair loss treatment that can provide instant results.

Known Side Effects

There are no documented adverse reactions or side effects of Minoxidil during clinical trials.